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Action TRANSPAK™ T287 Transmitter Sensor Assemblies
Thermocouple and RTD Assemblies with the T287 2-Wire Transmitter Installed

Preassembled, Preconfigured Temperature Sensor Solutions.

  • T287 Configured to Desired Range
  • Type J, K, T or Pt-100 Sensors
  • Four Head Styles
  • Spring Loaded Available
  • Three Types of Thermowells
  • Mounting Bushings Included




Eurotherm/Barber-Colman manufactures thermocouples and RTDs with the Action T287 transmitter already installed. The sensor assembly ships with the transmitter already configured to the customer specified temperature range. Some of the more common styles are listed here.

The SKS-6415 series are general purpose probes with 1/2" NPT mounting bushing. Thermocouples have ungrounded MgO insu- lated elements. Type J and T elements have a 304 stainless steel sheath. Type K elements have an Inconel sheath.

PT-100 RTDs are available with either Teflon® or fiberglass insulated leads. The Teflon insulated units are rated for operation to 260 C. The fiberglass insulated RTDs are rated for operation to 500 C.

Four styles of NEMA 4 connecting heads are offered. The aluminum or cast iron screw cover heads provide excellent protection in most conditions. The aluminum explosion proof head is FM/CSA approved for Class I, Div. I, Groups B, C & D, and Class II, Div. II, Groups E, F & G. The white polypropylene head is suitable for wash down environments or applications in which corrosion resistance is an issue.

The SKS-6416 series and SKS-6415 series are identical except that the SK-6416 is equipped with a spring loaded bushing, making it suitable for applications in thermowells. The stainless steel spring loaded bushing provides greater than 1/2" travel.

The SKS-6417 series are complete assemblies that include a thermowell and a spring loaded bushing. Three styles of thermowells are available; straight shank, heavy duty tapered and reduced tip. All have 3/4" NPT threads and are manufactured from
304 stainless steel.

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